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Marketers need to make their content more compelling to help their brand connect effectively with the right audience. Originality in the form of branded visual content can be a useful tool for marketers. It allows them to convey a particular look and feel for their brand that’s unlike their competitors.

The value of branded content amongst some of marketers most desirable demographics is real. In a 2017 report Time Inc. surveyed 7,000 Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X consumers. 90% said they prefer brands that create branded content, and 89% said branded content helps brands be more memorable.

Using branded visuals allows marketers to be more authentic. With a little bit of thought a visual used on a social media can tell a story and showcase a product, while still be engaging.

Why Branded Visuals Matter in Digital Marketing

Overall, visual identity is a major part of how brands tell their unique brand story. Visual identity is how you present your business to the world. It includes all of the visual elements you use in marketing, from logos and fonts to photos and videos.

In the last decade, brands have significantly changed how they present their visual identity to audiences. Today a brand’s story is present at all times and told through an endless variety of channels. Channels like websites, social media feeds, emails, and apps all serve to tell your story.

That’s why branded visuals are so valuable. They allow marketers to tailor their visual identities to meet consumer expectations. When you use non-branded elements, you’re much more limited in how you tell your story.