As a member of the Philly Custom Stock  | MadCris Images Membership, PCS grants you non-exclusive, non-transferrable rights to use and modify the images provided in the SBS membership. The images can not be used for resale, distribution, or commercial use of any kind. Members may use images for personal, business, and client work; however,  may not be resold in any way. Images in paid products, such as ebooks, courses, website themes, etc. must be granted a commercial license by PCS. Please contact Wanda Thomas directly for licensing.

PCS will not be liable for any damages or losses that may occur as a result of modifications made by you to the images provided in each month’s subscription. Members hereby agree to indemnify PCS  for all expenses that may be incurred by  PCS  should you breach any of the terms of the agreement.

As a member of the PCS  membership,  you may cancel your membership before any month’s payment is completed. Once payment is received, no refunds can be made for that month’s membership. Membership can be canceled directly in PayPal in your “pre-approved” payments section.

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