As a professional photographer, you might think the creation of a stock photo site is not in line with my core mission. But to that I say you are mistaken. I believe that everyone needs good if not great images for their website and social media outlets. Images that speak to who you are and what you and your business do. This is the reason I created Philly Custom Stock. It is a place for businesses to find stock images that unique, and real. Images that don’t look and feel like stock. And I know you know what I mean, it’s those images that have a stark white background and just have no real life in them. Yeah those. My goal with Philly Custom Stock is to connect local artists with business owners and create something powerful, the story of your business.  The license of use for these images will be completely up to you. If you decide to purchase them for 6 months we will make sure they are off the market for that period of time, if you don’t mind others using the same image we will make it available to others who want to share the awesomeness as well. But it’s stock and every image will end up in rotation at some point. If you want to contract on of our photographers for a private project email us and we will do our best to put you in touch with them.